About Us

New Beginnings Care, LLC is a multipurpose healthcare company focused on providing the best care and services to those in need of long-term care.  Our principals have extensive experience in the skilled nursing, assisted living, and retirement industries.  We believe that every person should have a “Purpose in Life.”  The residents in our centers are evaluated for their individual cognitive and physical abilities. Then, each resident is given a responsibility in the center based upon their assessed needs and history. We feel that giving each resident a responsibility provides them a reason to wake up in the morning, and a purpose for living.

Our healthcare company offers a different approach.  We believe in getting back to basics. Physical fitness and good nutrition are the keys to good health.  Our efforts are focused on providing quality physical activities that improve stamina, gently challenge each resident and enhance cognitive skills.  Our rehabilitation teams have extensive training in cognitive and physical rehabilitation and special tools to assess these abilities.  Our gyms are equipped to achieve the best outcomes possible.

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